Julien Aslak Aho
Vibrance : Chapter Two

 Released on 29 Nov 2017

Second chapter in the Vibrance series, dedicated to handpan music. 

A journey from dawn to twilight, from birth to death, 
A journey from twilight to dawn, from death to re-birth. 

Through sadness, sorrow and fear, 
Through joy, hope and faith. 

The cycles are linked together and interwoven, 
Love remains and supports all. 

It was in this journey through the cycles that this second chapter of Vibrance was born. 
May it be a good companion in your own cycles, in your own journey.​


Moonloop Café
Released on 17 Nov 2016

Souloop is an electro-hang project gravitating around Julien “Aslak” Aho & Daniel “Almacalma” Leuenberger, two fine swiss melomaniacs who just love to make music.

They are joined by their usual accomplices, Sophie Rampa & Sacha Nielsen from the Hang Brothers.

Souloop is a blend of electronic grooves and the mellow energy of the Hang Drum. Soulful vocals, a dash of percussion and wind instruments round off the ensemble.

Debut album on Moonloop Café.

Various Artists
Moonloop Café vol​.​1

Moonloop Café
Released on 30 Sept 2016

Moonloop Café is a new sublabel of Moonloop Records aimed at releasing great music form our artists, friends and contacts which is different from psytrance music. 

Moonloop Records will continue to release psytrance music from deep progressive to forest madness, and Moonloop Café will release ambient, techno, electro, free-style, dub, downtempo, tech-house or even acoustic world music. 

As a first release, the V/A Moonloop Café Vol.1 gives you a glimpse in the works of Aslak as a chill-out artist with lots of acoustic instruments, as well as two new tracks by the Hang Brothers. We also proudly introduce Souloop which is the live electro project of our DJ Almacalma, his future album being produced by Aslak. There are also here two ambient compositions by chill-out producer Mercury Fall, a dub electro track by Logic Wave with live flute and a beautiful song by Sophie Rampa called « The painting », which is an important part of the Hang Brothers live shows. 

First Seeds

Moonloop Records
Released on 20 June 2016

Aslak's first PsyTrance album is finally out :) 

The name “Aslak” derives from the Old Norse name “ÁslæikR” which is a combination of “AS” (God) and “LEIK” (Game).
…the Game of the Gods…
There are many ways to play this game.
But for me, one of the best way is through music and dance.
So… Wanna join the game ?

All tracks written and produced by Julien Aho
Produced by Moonloop Records –
Mastering by Ralph Braincell @ Noizebuster –
Art Design by Johan Pardo –
For licensing, booking or more info –
Distribution: Arabesque –
Facebook –
Soundcloud –
(c) and (p) Moonloop Records 2016

Free Soul School
Across The Horizon

Released on 11 June 2016    


The 5th Opus of the Free Soul School Switzerland in Rossmatt (JU) is a celebration of the rebirth of the spirit of the earth. A Tribe is awakening and growing to support the planet heal; we are moving into a new era of communion with nature, of heart-full sharing and peace for all. This is the crossing over, opening into the Age of Aquarius!

Mantra Flow: recordings, composition, mix, mastering. 
Premratna aka Sarah Spence: vocals, lyrics and shaker. 
Blanca Lou: guitalele, guitar, vocals, shaker, water drum and sinking bottle;) 
Noémie Derungs: accordeon, vocals, n'goni, cheese grater, piano. 
Sophie Rampa: vocals, flute, piano. 
Nadav Melman: guitar, cajon, spoons, bones, bass guitar. 
Unity aka Sacha Nielsen: hang, handpan, darbuka, cajon, congas, dundun, vocals, lyrics, kalimba, n'goni. 
Aslak aka Julien Aho: hang, handpan, congas, claves, kalimba. 
Alexandre Cagli: bass guitar, synthetisers,vocals.

Julien Aho
Vibrance :
Chapter One

Released on 15 March 2016  

This is the first "handpan music" solo album of Julien Aho, also known as "Aslak". 

The majority of the tracks on this album are pure handpan solos with no additional editing. 
The instruments used on these are : AsaChan RDT, Meraki Magic Voyage, AsaChan Chandhra, Saraz Kurd9, PanArt Integral Hang. 

Three of the tracks have additional sounds : 
- "Odalalune" was made with my great friend & flute player : Sophie Rampa 
- "Kimera & the Forest" has some Dan Moi and Shamanic Drum added 
- "Kimera & the Dancing Spirits" has some atmospheric & percussion samples added 

The main themes that were around me while making this album were : Simplicity, Humility, Self-confidence, Stopping the search for perfection, Accepting the mistakes and errors. 

I hope this album will be a perfect companion for meditation, contemplation, sonic journey, or just for a nice ambient atmosphere. 

With lots of Love, 
Julien Aho

Various Artists
Timegate Symbiosis

Released on 6 Dec 2015    


Timegate is one of the most well known psytrance event, happening every year at new year. All the artists having particpating have been left impressed by the unusual level of production. The artists featured on this compilation have all played during the 2015 Symbiosis edition, or have deep historic links with the event. Enjoy the ride!
Featuring Beat Bizarre, D_Root, Datacult, Sub&, ManMachine, Zen Mechanics, Allaby, Aslak, Nero, Sonic Entity and Astropilot.
Compiled by DJs Mercury Fall, Spiral Hand & Mizoo
Produced by Moonloop Records

Free Soul School
Round the World

Released on 11 Oct 2015    


5-11 October 2015  / Rossmatt, Jura, Switzerland 

All donations goes to project.

MANTRA FLOW - Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering 
UNITY - Hang, Handpans, African drums, N'goni, Tampura, Vocals 
ASLAK - Hang, Handpans, Kalimba, Native Flute 
SOPHIE RAMPA - Vocals, Recorder, Native Flute 
DAMIEN COTTET - Didjeridoo, African Drums 
WHITE FOUNTAIN - Vocals, Guitar, Flute 

Free Soul School

Released on 14 June 2015  

This second Opus of the Free Soul School in Switzerland is a journey inside the Presence. The flowering of deep connection within the artists co-creation flow to feel the Presence of self and the unique heart center. Inviting the listener to become One with the whole space and remember the heart beat of the Universe into all it's rainbow colors!!!

Mantra Flow: recorings, composition, mix, mastering 
Benjamin Hedengran Andersen: Guitar, drums, vocal, flute. 
Miss GreenDream: vocal, shamanic drum. 
Unity: hang drum, african drums, vocal, flute. 
Kristian: Didjeridu, drums. 
Jens Gunni Busck: bass, guitar, drums. 
Sonam: mantra on Peace Ling Prayer track. 
Sophie Rampa: vocal. 
Aslak: Hang drum.


Moonloop Records
Released on 12 November 2014


The name “Aslak” derives from the Old Norse name “ÁslæikR” which is a combination of “AS” (God) and “LEIK” (Game). 

…the Game of the Gods… 

There’s many ways to play this game. 
But for me, one of the best way is through music and dance. 

So… Wanna join the game ?

Free Soul School
In the Hobbit house

Released on 01 October 2014   

This is the creation of the Free Soul School workshop in Copenhagen taking place in "The Hobbit House";). In the purpose of a live act and for further concert where the three hand pan players play on the top of the electronic landscape. Blissful journey into the world of psy dub and hang sculpture.
Mantra Flow: Recording, Production, Mix, Mastering 
Aslak: Hang, Saraz,Flute 
Unity: Hang, Caisa, Flutes, Drums, Sansula 
Daniel Sedona: Hang, Caisa, Shrudi Box, Drums 
Benjamin Andersen: Tabla, Gong on track 5 
Rosanna Lorenzen: Cello on track 3,4,5

Free Soul School
Sweetzerland 2014

Released on 07 September 2014 


The great work of inspiration from the Free Soul School gathering in Switzerland 2014, featuring artists from Europe recording and producing this album together, united music!

Mantra Flow: Recording, Production, Mix, Mastering 
Aslak: Hang, Saraz,Flutes,Cosmic Bow, Sansula 
Unity: Hang,Caisa, Saraz, Voice, Flutes, Drums, Sansula 
Daniel Sedona: Hang,Caisa, Shrudi Box, Voice, Flutes, Drums 
Lorenzo: Guitars, Flutes 
Alma Calma: BeatBox 
La Résonnance: Gongs, Tibetan Bowls 
Pierre and Nicole: Shamanic Drum 
Chicken and Cows

Various Artists
Auditory Cortex

2to6 Records
Released on 12 February 2013  


2to6 Records is proud to present you „Auditory Cortex“, a collection of 10 very different musical pieces from killer swiss and austrian artists!

This compilation from outer space will lead you through truly unique, intensely elaborated soundscapes, always keeping it deep and futuristic. We'd say, enjoy this journey!
Compiled by : Yaminahua & Airi
With tracks from :  Aslak, Atomental, Airi, Karash, Yaminahua, Malice in Wonderland, Yaminahua, Torog, DMToad, Acrm

Hang Brothers
Hang Brothers and friends

Released on 20 November 2013


Hang Brothers is a collective of musicians centered around Aslak & Unity, two passionate Hang players who love to jam for hours. Around this double star revolve different planets: musicians and producers who all together create a complete sonic solar sound system!
This is the slightly remixed and mastered result of jam and recording sessions with the band in September 2013 as well as three live-in-public takes. We hope you fly as high as we do!

Various Artists
TimeGate 2012

Biolive & Moonloop Records
Released on 16 November 2012 


Moonlop Records presents the 2nd compilation from Biolive, compiled by Mizoo.  The Timegate parties have been produced in Switzerland since 2002. It is one of the most important psytrance party happening in Europe at New Years Eve, and most of high profile artists of the scene have played there and loved the incredible vibe and great organization. 
All artist featured here will play on this 2012 edition or have played before: Perfect Stranger, Psyberpunk, Principles of Flight, Sensifeel, Aslak, Lucas, E-Clip, D_Root and Mnnsk. The tracks have been carefully selected by Space Navigator Mizoo to ensure a coherent and far out journey for your mind, deep into your inner space. 

Various Artists
TimeGate 2010

Biolive & Moonloop Records
Released on 28 October 2010 


This V/A is a project for Biolive's Timegate parties, a big scale event happening at New Year's eve in Switzerland with international well-known producers and talented new artists. Photos and info can be found at This compilation is a mix of different subgenre of psychedelic electronic music such as ambient, progressive, morning and nightime psy. It noticably features tracks by Tristan, Ajja, Electrypnose and Aes Dana. Solar Spectrum is the morning solo project of Ralph from Rastaliens.